Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ms Deena and Daughter

Walking past Ms Deena and her daughter, I remarked that my daughter and I used to walk together on the beach. Now, she is grown and in college. (I had heard Ms Deena's daughter tell her "Look, she's taking pictures of birds".) It was a pleasant exchange and these two were the beautiful birds of this walk.

It is an awesomely beautiful morning this Sunday, October 16th. The sky was that
mid blue shade that I love so much. As I was doing my wade-sand walk I can attest that the water was just slightly cool and clear near shore. The air smelled great.

October in the Mississippi Gulf Coast is worth putting up with a few months of high heat and humidity. We don't so much have the "changing colors of leaves" (nor leaf clean-up), but we do witness the migration of coastal birds.

We are blessed.

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